Detailed itinerary, loading and unloading equipment, utilization of special vehicles, combined transport and freight- specific carrier selection, we approach every shipment with uncompromising attention to detail.

New-age Fleet of GPS-enabled Vehicles

SPCL has an exhaustive lie-up of 40 & 20 ft. Trailers, Body Trucks, Trippers, Volvo Trucks, Bulkers, Low-bed Trailers, SUVs and Campers.

Experienced Team

SPCL is driven by a forward-thinking team of logistics experts with experience in various aspectsof cargo movement. Together, they present safe, damage-free and hassle-free solutions.

24x7 Customer Service

Our dedicated team of customer service executives are available for our customers round-the-clock for instant, expert response to their requirements and grievances.

Route Survey

Before we commit to any operation, our Route Survey team carries out a detailed survey of the entire route for seamless and secured cargo movement.

All Kinds of Cargo

From large-scale containers to specialized shipments, from fragile products to temperature-controlled cargo, we offer services that can be tailored to fit individual customer needs.

ODC Management Expertise

We possess the fleet and expertise to handle Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC), without compromising on cargo safety and road safety.